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Concrete Floors Can Be Brought Back To Life

Commercial Flooring Services are available in Winnipeg to save older, damaged concrete floors. Winnipeg Concrete Leveling is possible for floors that have low places, holes, and cracks. Building owners do not have to put up with concrete floors that are damaged or not level causing unsafe conditions. It is possible to have concrete floors brought back to a like-new, safe condition with a reasonable investment. Concrete floors in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, sales showrooms, and commercial buildings of all kinds can be made safe and attractive with the correct types of repair and finishing services.

What Kinds Of Repairs And Improvements Are Possible?

Owners of buildings with concrete floors have many options available for improving the floor's condition and safety. They can contact a company that specializes in Concrete Slab Repair in Winnipeg such as TC Floors Services. These companies can clean and repair concrete floors. Then, they can perform Self Leveling Concrete in Winnipeg services. Repairs to concrete floors can include cleaning out and then filling holes, cracks, and pits. It can include removing old paint, flooring, adhesives, and other materials from concrete floors. It can even involve removing part of or all of a badly damaged concrete slab and replacing it with new concrete.

Next, the concrete can be ground to even it out and give it a better finish. Concrete floors can also be profiled or scored so additional coats of concrete or self-leveling underlayments will have better adhesion to the existing concrete. Once the concrete has been repaired and leveled, it can be polished or coated with toppings such as Epoxy, MMA, Polyurethane concrete coatings, and more. The finished concrete floors can be attractive, safe, and easy to clean.

What is concrete leveling

Concrete leveling can involve repairing and filling cracks and holes, grinding the surface to get rid of high spots, and preparing the surface to accept self-leveling concrete or gypsum underlayments. TC Floors West and similar companies that are trained in the process can install the best-performing, self-leveling underlayments on the Canadian market. There are strict rules and regulations involved in tolerances for concrete underlayments. The company's innovative techniques, suppliers such as Ardex Americas, and equipment make the floors perform at high levels. There are 100% customer satisfaction guarantees and a ten-year warranty. Buildings housing businesses like MRI rooms and hospitals that require absolutely flat floors can rely on this concrete finishing solution. For more information, visit the website.

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